ZION Growers


Introduction to ZION Growers

ZION Growers is an industrial hemp-based manufacturer located in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. The company processes hemp for a multitude of value-added products, primarily fiber-based such as yarn, fabric, and insulation. As the market for hemp products matures, the company also has the capacity to create and service hurd, seed, and biomass industries.

Company History

Starting in 2015, ZION Growers began as an idea for a cannabis company supplying medical cannabis shops. However, as the vision and direction developed, the saturation of the medical cannabis market coupled with federal legal ambiguity made possible entry into the market extremely prohibitive. Using the knowledge gained from research into cannabis, the company pivoted to the CBD market. The idea formed around facilitating drying and storage for farmers as well as providing other services not locally available.

Market History

Initial plans to acquire land and equipment for these ends coincided with the 2019 hemp biomass market bubble bursting. However, through its efforts and knowledge, ZION Growers intends to provide a profitable and sustainable alternative market to typical Vermont crops with industrial hemp. This end goal will help alleviate the bottlenecks that currently impede the industry in the region.

Our Facilities

ZION Growers facility